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Map ID: 079
Original title: Lwów - Léopol - Lemberg - Львовъ
Localization: Lviv
Year: c. 1909
Scale: 1:12 500
Map size: 48x43 cm
Publisher: The Society for the Promotion of Foreign Travel in Galicia. Сrakow
Source: Courtesy of Ryszard Hubisz
Rights: Ryszard Hubisz. Crakow

This map shows electric trolley and railroad tracks in Lviv; it was ordered by the Association for Popularizing Foreign Travel in Galicia (Krakow). The map was published in 1909 as an appendix to the English language guidebook "Short Guide to Lemberg and surrounding. 15 illustrations and 1 map. Edited and published by the Society for the Promotion of Foreign Travel in Galicia". A similar map is an appendix to the Polish version of the same guidebook.

The plan was printed in the lithographic establishment of Vatslava Krzepowski in Krakow (Lit. W. Krzepowski. Kraków).


  • The city’s various names (Lwów-Léopol-Lemberg-Львовъ) appear in the upper right hand section of the map.
  • Beneath the map name is the key to identifying railroad tracks and electric trolleys (Linie kolei żelaznej; Sieć tramwaju elektrycznego) and the map’s scale of 1:12 500 (Podziałka 1:12 500) depicted graphically and fractionally.
  • Along the lower left margin is information on who printed the map: “Lithographic Establishment of Vatslava Krzepowski, Krakow” (Lit. W. Krzepowski. Kraków).