Map of the City of Cracow within the Trenches

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Map ID: 119
Original title: Plan miasta Krakowa w obrębie okopów / Plan de la Ville de Cracovie
Localization: Cracow
Year: 1836
Scale: 1:10 000
Publisher: D. Friedlein's Bookstore. Сrakow
Source: Courtesy of the Austrian War Archive, GIh 335 2.Expl.
Rights: Austrian War Archive (Kriegsarchiv). Vienna

Map of the city of Cracow with Suburbs, 1836.

Author: Teofil Zebrawski (Teofil Żebrawski).

Publication was sponsored by D. E. Friedlein’s bookstore in Cracow, and the map was printed lithographically at Heinrich Kliewer’s Publishing House in Berlin.


  • The upper left corner holds the title: “Map of the City of Cracow within the Trenches” (Plan miasta Krakowa w obrebie okopów / Plan de la Ville de Cracovie).
  • The upper part of the map holds three coats of arms.
  • Below is information on D. E. Friedlein’s bookstore (Nakładem D. E. Friedleina w Krakowie / Cracovie chez D. E. Friedlein Libraire), which funded the publication of the map.
  • The left part of the map holds a list of 43 important buildings in the city (Znaczniejsze Budowle w miescie / Batimens principaux dans la ville).
  • The right side of the map holds a list of 19 important buildings situated in the suburbs (Znaczniejsze Budowle w Przedmieściach/ Batimens principaux dans les Fauxbourgs).
  • Below is the map key, the scale bar, and the compass rose.
  • The lower left corner holds information on the map’s author: “Drawn by Teofil Zebrawski in Cracow. 1836” (Rysował Teofil Żebrawski w Krakowie. 1836).
  • The lower right corner holds information on printing location: “Heinrich Kliewer’s Lithography in Berlin” (Gestochen von Heinrich Kliewer in Berlin).