New plan of Budapest

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Map ID: 211
Original title: Budapest székesfőváros legujabb térképe
Localization: Budapest
Year: 1908
Map size: 37,5x48,5 cm
Publisher: Barta Lajos
Source: NB LNU I.Franka, 2200 I
Rights: Science Library of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (NB LNU I.Franko). Lviv

Most Current Map of the City of Budapest, 1908, showing main streets, buildings, and city districts.


  • The top part of the sheet holds the name of the map: “Most Current Map of Budapest” (Budapest székesfőváros legujabb térképe).
  • The lower right corner holds information on the map’s publisher: “Ownership Barta Lajos” (Barta Lajos tulajdonjoga).
  • The lower left corner shows the place the map was printed: “Printed by Karolyi Gyorgy Budapest” (Nyomt. Károlyi Gyӧrgy Budapest).
  • The middle lower part holds a copyright notice: “All rights reserved” (Tőrvényesen védve).