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Map ID: 132
Original title: Lemberg
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1944
Scale: 1:10 000
Map size: 94x84 cm
Publisher: War Maps Survey Office. Lviv
Source: Courtesy of Oleg Sergeiev
Rights: Oleg Sergeiev. Lviv
Secret German language map of Lviv published in 1944 for military purposes.


  • In the lower right corner is the name (Lemberg) with a notice that the map is not for public use (Nicht für Őffentlichen bestimmt).
  • Beneath that is a fractional and graphic depiction of the map’s scale, a list of how to interpret symbols used on the map and information on the publishing house and year of publication (Herstellung u. Druck: Kr.[iegs]-Kart.[en]-u.-Verm.[eßungs]-Amt Lemberg II 1944).