Map of Czernowitz. Supplemented in 1880

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Map ID: 049
Original Title: Plan von Czernowitz. Ergänzt im Jahre 1880
Localization: Chernivtsi
Year: 1880
Scale: 1:10 800
Publisher: Artaria & Co. Vienna
Source: Courtesy of the Austrian War Archive, GIh 133
Copyright: Austrian War Archive (Kriegsarchiv). Vienna
New updated edition of Chernivtsi map issued in 1880 by the Viennese firm Artaria and Co.
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  • The left side of the map holds the name: “Map of Czernowitz. Expanded in 1880” (Plan von Czernowitz. Ergänzt im Jahre 1880), symbols, and a list of 17 objects marked on the map.
  • The upper left corner holds a fragment of Moldovan border territory, with a scale measuring line (Maasstab 1 ost: Meile gleich 2½ Wiener Zoll; 1 Centimeter = 1,152 Kilometer).
  • The bottom right corner contains publishing information: “Publishing and property of Artaria & Co., Vienna” (Verlag und Eigenthum von ARTARIA & Cо in Wien.
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