Situation Plan (of Halicz)

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Map ID: 041
Original Title: Situations Plan
Localization: Halych
Year: 1795
Publisher: Author Mahovich
Source: Courtesy of the Austrian War Archive, HALICZ_NR_01_SIT_PLAN
Copyright: Austrian War Archive (Kriegsarchiv). Vienna
Handwritten situational plan of Halych and it's surroundings from 1795. The map is prepared by ​​major Mahovich
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  • The lower part of the map holds the name: “Situational plan” mentioning Halych (Stadt Halicz) and a list of local names marked with Latin letters.
  • Below is information on scale (Maasstab von 300 Klafter), measuring line, as well as the year and the author of the drawing (Anno 795. Aufgenohmen ü: gezeichnet durch Major Mahovich des Iplenischen Inf: R).
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