Plan of Lvov

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Map ID: 020
Original Title: План города Львов
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1944
Scale: 1:15 000
Map Size: 76x79 cm
Publisher: Unknown
Source: Courtesy of Taras Pinyazhko
Copyright: Taras Pinyazhko. Lviv
Digital plan of Lviv from 1944 executed for the needs of the soviet troops. The mapshows streets and local names indicating the main buildings in the city
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  • The header and upper margin of the map are missing. This section contained the name: "Map of the City of Lviv" (План г. Львов) and the year it was printed: "First edition 1944" (Первое издание 1944 г.).
  • Along the lower right border of the map is other publishing information: "Issue N 1 (1), Order 373 II. 44. Srt." (Выпуск №1 (1). Заказ 373 ІІ.44.Срт).
  • Beneath that, in the lower margin it states: "The plan was created using 1:20 000 scale photographs taken in 1941, along with other materials from 1944" (План составлен по камерально отдешифрированным фотопланам м-ба 1:20 000 залета 1941 г., с использованием материалов на январь 1944 г.).
  • In the margin is a list of 65 sites which are identified on the map under the heading: "Military and Industrial facilities and notable buildings in Lviv" (Военные и промышленных объекты и выдающиеся здания города Львов).
  • In the lower right corner of the lower margin is additional information: "Note: the list of military-industrial facilities and other buildings identified are based on information up through 1939" (Примечание: Перечень военно-промышленных объектов и выдающихся зданий дан по состоянию до 1939 г.).
  • In the lower left corner is information on the individuals who helped create the map: "Department Head Capitan Engineer, Sukhorukov; Division Head Major Burshteyn" (Нач. отделения инженер-капитан Сухоруков; Нач. части майор Бурштейн).
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