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Map ID: 134
Original Title: Łuck
Localization: Lutsk
Year: 1937
Scale: 1:15 000
Publisher: The Polish Association of Tourist Societies. Warszaw
Source: Courtesy of Viktor Litevchuk
Copyright: Viktor Litevchuk. Luck
Plan of city Lutsk published in 1937 as a supplement to A Guidebook of Poland by the Association of Polish Tourist Societies
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  • The upper left corner holds the name: “Lutsk” (Łuck).
  • Below is the scale bar with the numerical scale (1:15 000), the map key, and information on the editor, M. Jamiolkowski (Redagował M. Jamiołkowski).
  • The bottom left part holds information on the guidebook in which the map was published: “A Guidebook of Poland by the Association of Polish Tourist Societies. Vol. 2” (Przewodnik po Polsce Związku Polskich Towarzystw Turystycznych. Tom II).
  • The lower right corner holds information on where the map was printed: “Printing and lithography by “Jan Cotty,” Warsaw” (Druk i Lit. P.F. "Jan Cotty" w Warszawie).
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