Lemberg with Suburbs

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Map ID: 108
Original Title: n/a
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1836
Scale: 1:14 400
Map Size: 63х42 cm
Publisher: The Quartermaster of Austrian General Staff
Source: Courtesy of the Austrian War Archive, GIh 376-5
Copyright: Austrian War Archive (Kriegsarchiv). Vienna
Fragment of plan from 1836 which was used to show the railway route through Lviv and it's suburbial areas
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  • A red line shows the railroad tracks planned to connect Lviv and Krakow.
  • On the map, the following surrounding villages are identified: Wulka, Kulparkow, Kleparow, Zniesienie, Krzywczyce, Pasieki, Persenkowka
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