Plan of Sokal

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Map ID: 106
Original Title: Plan von Sokal
Localization: Sokal
Year: 1918*
Scale: 1:4 000
Publisher: Unknown
Source: Courtesy of the Austrian War Archive, GIh 642-5
Copyright: Austrian War Archive (Kriegsarchiv). Vienna
Map of the city of Sokal and its environs published 1918. The plan shows network of buildings, streets, roads etc. in the city with focus on military objects
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  • The central part of the map holds the name: “Map of Sokal” (Plan von Sokal) and map key.
  • Below this is a note to the effect that the map was drawn in the course of a military survey (Aufgenommen von k.u.k Kriegsvermessung № 4 Vermessungsstelle 1/4).
  • The top part holds the inscription saying that the map is “For military personnel use only” (Nur für militärischen Dienstgebrauch).
  • The top right part holds a stamp mentioning the date: “K. V. No. 4... Supplement to Monthly Report for February 1918”
    (K. V. № 4... Beilage zum Monatsbericht für Februar 1918).
  • The top left part of the map holds the windrose.
  • The lower part of the map provides information on the distinctions between marking of civilian or military objects (Einrichtungen der Zivil - Verwaltung sind durch z. hinter dem Namen kenntlich gemacht. Militärische Einrichtungen sind durch D. (deutsch) oder Ö. (öster.-ung.) kenntlich gemacht).
  • The measuring line with the scale is provided at the bottom (Ungef: Maßstab 1:4000).
  • The right side of the map provides a list of 57 names of objects marked on the map in Arabic numerals.
  • The lower left part of the plan contains a list of 11 institutions in the territory of the train station.
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