Map of the City of Cernăuţi

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Map ID: 104
Original Title: Planul Municipiului Cernăuţi
Localization: Chernivtsi
Year: с. 1936
Scale: 1:12 500
Publisher: Leon König. Сhernivtsi
Source: Courtesy of Helmut Kusdat
Copyright: Helmut Kusdat. Vienna
Map of the City of Chernivtsi issued by Leon König in 1930-s when the city was a part of Romania
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  • The upper right corner of the map holds the title: “Map of the City of Cernăuţi” (Planul Municipiului Cernăuţi).
  • Below is information on the map’s publisher and author: “Edited by Leon König” (Editura: Leon König); "Executed by arch. Flasch” (Execut. arh. Flasch.).
  • The lower right corner contains information on the printing house: “‘Orient’ Lithography, Cernăuţi” (Lit. "Orient" Cernăuţi).
  • The bottom left corner holds the scale bar with the numerical scale (Scara 1:12 500) and the compass rose.
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