Map of the City of Sokal

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Map ID: 101
Original Title: Plan miasta Sokala
Localization: Sokal
Year: c. 1925
Map Size: 45x29,5 cm
Publisher: Unknown
Source: Courtesy of Ryszard Hubisz
Copyright: Ryszard Hubisz. Crakow
Map of the City of Sokal from the interwar period. The map shows the main public buildings, the network of streets and squares and wells in the city
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  • The upper part of the map holds the title: “Map of the City of Sokal” (Plan miasta Sokala).
  • Next to the title is the compass rose.
  • The upper right part of the map holds a list of 67 street and square names.
  • The lower left part of the map holds a list of wells and hydrants (Studnie na zarużu).
  • The bottom right part of the sheet contains information about where the map was printed: “Piller-Neumann Lithography, Lwow” (Lit. Piller-Neumann. Lwów).
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