ID number:
Adam Lenkiewicz
"Ruch", Lwow
14x9 cm
On obverse:
In Polish: Lwów. Cerkiew Wołoska.
On reverse:
RUCH Fot. prof. A. Lenkiewicz

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ID: 02734
City: Chernivtsi
Date: 1900-1910
Format: 90х140 mm
Creator: Jozefy & Müller
Publisher: Saul Blumenthal, Czernowitz
Copyright: Library of the Institute of Ethnology, Lviv
Subject: Czernowitz, Orthodox Churches, Bishop’s Residence, Universities
ID: 02366
City: Lviv
Date: 1938-1939
Format: 150х100 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: M. Yanishevski
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Church, architecture, courtyard
ID: 02737
City: Chernivtsi
Date: 1930
Format: 90х140 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Library of the Institute of Ethnology, Lviv
Subject: Czernowitz, Cernauti, Bishop’s Residence, Universities
ID: 00721
City: Vorokhta
Date: 1920-1939
Format: 10х14 cm
Creator: H. Gasiorowski
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Cemetery, chapel
ID: 10463
City: Lviv
Date: 1970-1980
Format: Unknown
Creator: Borys Mindel
Publisher: "Radianska Ukraina", Kyiv
Copyright: Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Subject: Chapel, Latin-rite Cathedral, house, Halytska St., tower, city hall tower
ID: 02087
City: Lviv
Date: 1906-1914
Format: 140х90 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: "Tencha", Lwow
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Street, buildings architecture, church, public garden
ID: 02116
City: Lviv
Date: 1930-1939
Format: 14x9 cm
Creator: Leon Czechowicz
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Andriy Otko
Subject: Street, cathedral, chapel, architecture, sculpture
ID: 00428
City: Lviv
Date: 1909
Format: 140x90 mm
Creator: Jan Peltz
Publisher: Tecza, Lwow
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Armenian cathedral, courtyard, arcade
ID: 02312
City: Lviv
Date: 1890-1895
Format: 11х17 сm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Juriy Zaverbnyj
Subject: Holy Trinity church and St. Nicolas
The Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God – formerly known as Voloska church is the key element of a wonderful architectural ensemble that includes the church, bell tower (it is built onto the church from the north) and the chapel building in the yard. This is the best Lviv Renaissance monument; its architecture unites the West European Renaissance forms with the tradition of the Eastern Christianity sacral construction.  The church stands at the intersection of Pidvalna and Ruska Streets, on the site of an old church of the fifteenth century. In was constructed from 1591 to 1629 (by the architects P. Rymlianyn, V. Kapinos, A. Prykhylnyi) and in 1796 (rebuilt after fire). In the middle of the nineteenth century the church was connected with the Three Prelates Chapel.