Tscherwonoarmijska and Holovna Street

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Tscherwonoarmijska and Holovna Street
The photo for this postcard was taken from Rathausstrasse (Str. Regina Maria, vul. Tscherwonoarmijska) towards the junction with Siebenbürgerstrasse (Str. Stefan cel Mare, vul. Holovna). In the distance the tower of the Town Hall can be seen.
The building to the left with the round gable is the Palace Hotel. The hotel was one of the best in town until the Second World War. It used to be a two storied building named Hotel Metropol and was raised by two stories and renamed Palace after 1926. After the second World War the Hotel was renamed “Kiev” and got back its traditional name “Palace” only in 2008.
On the right edge of the postcads, a part of the Kriegerdenkmal (Solder’s monument) can be seen. The monument was put up in 1902 in occasion of the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the infantry regiment Erzherzog Eugen Nr.41 which was stationed in Chernivtsi exclusively since 1882. It consisted of a socle and an obelisk with an eagle on the top.
Helmut Kusdat
Cernăuţi, Kriegerdenkmal, Rathausstrasse, Strada Regina Maria
B. M. St., Cernăuţi
90х130 mm
Helmut Kusdat
On obverse:
In Romanian: Cernăuţi, Strada Regina Maria
On reverse:
B. M. St. Cti.

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