Central Square with Town Hall during First World War

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Central Square with Town Hall during First World War
Located not far from the border to Russia, Chernivtsi found itself on the front line immediately after the beginning of the First World War.
The Russians occupied the city three times, the first time on Aug. 31st 1914. Thousands of inhabitants fled the city and spent the years of the war in western provinces of the Empire.
The postcard shows the relief of the city by the Austrians and its allies, most likely the first relief on October 20th 1914 (the double headed eagle on top of the Town Hall has not been removed yet). The houses are decorated with flags (maybe only painted) showing the colours of the house of Habsburg and of Germany.
The final relief of Chernivtsi took place after the Russian troops left in March 1917.

Helmut Kusdat
Czernowitz, Ringplatz, Town Hall, Soldiers
80х130 mm
Helmut Kusdat
On obverse:
In German: Die Wiedereroberung von Czernowitz durch die verbündeten Truppen.

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