Lychakiv military cemetery

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Lychakiv military cemetery
From September 3, 1914 until June 22, 1915, Lviv was occupied by Russian troops. To bury the soldiers fallen in the taking of the city, the Foundation of Countess Bobrinskaya, wife of the Russian Governor of Lviv organized a separate cemetery on the hills above the Glowacki Park in 1914-1915 - the so-called Glory Hill. After the retreat of the Russian army, the remains were exhumed and transferred to the Austrian military cemetery, which was laid in 1915 in the north-eastern part of the Lychakiv cemetery.
Lychakiv, cemetery, graves
Unpublished resources
90x140 mm
Ihor Kotlobulatov
On obverse:
In Deutch: Lyczakower Heldenfriedhof in Lemberg.
On reverse:
In Deutch: K. u K. Kriegsgraber Inspektion Lemberg. Zu Gunsten der Kriegsgraber-Fursorge.
In Polish: C. i k. Inspekcja grobów wojennych we Lwowie. Na dochód opieki grobów wojennych.
In Ukrainian: Ц. і к. Інспекція гробів воєнних у Львові. На дохід опіки воєнних гробів.

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City: Andriyivka
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Lychakivsky (Lychakiv) cemetery is situated close to Mechnykova street; its territory occupies the Lychakiv plateau and its vicinities. As for today, this is the oldest preserved cemetery in Lviv which was officially opened in 1786. It is one of the best known European necropolises containing a lot of artistic monuments. The cemetery has been declared a historical, archaeological and artistic monument of national significance. There one can see the graves of many prominent persons, military burial places belonging to the times of the First and Second World Wars etc.