Monument to Józef Korzeniowski

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Monument to Józef Korzeniowski

Józef Korzeniowski (1797-1863) was a famous Polish writer, playwright, and teacher hailing from Brody. Author of dozens of plays, stories and novels, of which the best known are the play "Carpathian Highlanders", and the novel "Collocation". Korzeniowski taught at the Lyceum in Kremenets, and at the Kyiv University, was director of a school, and school inspector in Charków/Kharkiv, member of the Royal Society of Friends of Sciences in Warsaw, and Corresponding Member of the Scholarly Society in Cracow. Korzeniowski also authored an interesting memoir of early nineteenth-century Brody. The monument to Józef Korzeniowski stood in the Rajkówka city park, in the Sobieskiego square (known as Radianskoyi Armiyi ("Soviet Army") square in Soviet times, and as Svobody ("Liberty") square today). The idea of erecting the monument was voiced by Feliks West, the famous publisher of Brody. Antoni Popel, famous artist, sculptor, graduate of the Brody Gymnasium, and honorary citizen of Brody, donated his work to the city free of charge. Completion of the monument’s construction, and its opening in the park was originally scheduled for the 100th anniversary of Korzeniowski’s birth. However, due to the slow fundraising, Korzeniowski’s anniversary on March 19, 1897 saw only the laying of the cornerstone. The monument itself was uncovered on September 11, 1898. The monument stood in the southwestern part of the Rajkówka park, and faced Korzeniowskiego (now Stusa) street. The monument survived the years of the First World War, and was dismounted after the Second World War, with its pediment still in place throughout the 1950s. The Rajkówka/Raykivka park was a favorite recreational destination for the city’s residents. There are many pictures today, that had been taken by the Korzeniowksi monument (and later, by the pediment). 
Vasyl Strilchuk

Monument, Rajkówka park
"Wspolczesna Sztuka", Przemysl
90x140 mm
Library of the Institute of Ethnology, Lviv
On obverse:
In Polish: Brody. Pomnik Korzeniowskiego.
W.S.P. [Współczesna Sztuka Przemyśl] Nr. 7
Nakł. Władysława Kocyana w Brodach. Małopolska r. 1929
In French: Monument de Korzeniowski.

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