View of the city of Brody

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View of the city of Brody
General view of the city of Brody, taken from a height. In the foreground are the single-storied buildings of the southern part of the city center. To the right is Kolejowa Street (now Zaliznychna), leading from the train station to the Rynok (“Market”) Square. Further down the street, the cupola and part of the clock tower of the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God (seventeenth and eighteenth century architectural landmarks; the church acquired its present-day appearance around 1749). To the left of the church is a high elongated two-story building with high windows concluding in semicirles – this is the building of the former Dominican monastery (seventeenth century), which stood on the southern side of the Rynok square. Above the other building the trapezoid roof of the post office building (1912) can be seen. The left side of the picture displays the quadrangular buiding of the Great Synagogue of Brody (1742), situated southwest of the market square.
Vasyl Strilchuk
Panorama, city, Kolejowa Street
"Wspolczesna Sztuka", Przemysl
90x140 mm
Library of the Institute of Ethnology, Lviv
On reverse:
In Polish: Brody. Ogólny widok. W.S.P. Nr 5. Nakład Władysława Kocyana w Brodach. Małopolska, r. 1929
In Franch: Vue Generale

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