Chernivtsi National University Building

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Chernivtsi National University Building
The postcard shows the building of the Landesregierung of the Bukowina (Government of the Bukowina), built in 1871-73 by the architect Gustav Fritsch in a style typical for Austrian public administration buildings. After a fire destroyed part of the building in 1905, one more floor was added. The private appartment of the Landespräsident were located in the building as well. Until 1849 the Bukowina was part of the Austrian Kronland (province) of Galizien. In 1849 it was made a Herzogtum (duchy) and became an own Kronland. From then on it was ruled by a Landespräsident (governor) who was sent from Vienna. The Landespräsident (governor) was head of the political administration of the Bukowina. At the same time he was the representative of the Emperor and had to mediate between the central government in Vienna and the local authorities. The last Landespräsident Count Ezdorf left the Bukowina in November 1918. In the Soviet era the building housed the regional committee of the comunist party. Today it is used by the university.
Helmut Kusdat
Czernowitz, Landesregierung, Austria Platz
Simon Gross, Czernowitz
90х140 mm
Library of the Institute of Ethnology, Lviv
On obverse:
In German: Gruß aus Czernowitz, K.k. Landesregierung. 64376. Verlag von Simon Gross, Czernowitz, Hauptstrasse 27.
On reverse:
In German: Correspondenz-Karte

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