Panoramic View of the City

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Panoramic View of the City

Panoramic view of Chernivtsi from the Northeast, most likely the photo was taken from the Weinberggasse. In front and to the right the older parts of the city, the Untere Stadt (lower parts), dating back to the times of the Turkish Rule. In the back the modern parts of the city built in the 19th and 20th c. On the horizon starting from the left: the towers of the Armenian Church, the dome and towers of the Greek Orthodox Cathredral, the town hall, the dome of the jewish Temple, the tower of the Catholic church, the dome of the Greek-Orthodox Paraskewa church and the domes and towers of the Residence of the Greek-Orthodox Metropolitan. The large building on the left side of the right third of this folding card is the old Synagogue, built in 1853 in the middle of the old Jewish quarter. There was never a Ghetto in Czernowitz (except during the Second World War), Jews could always settle all over the city. The Untere Stadt (lower parts of town) however, remained the living quater for the poor and more religious members of the Jewish community. The far right side of the card shows the valley of the river Pruth, the building on the far right with the chimney is the Schlossmann’sche Dampfmühle (steam operated mill).
Helmut Kusdat

Czernowitz, Town Hall, Churches, Temple, Synagogue, Bishop’s Residence, Industry
Josef Gottlieb, Czernowitz
270x420 mm
Library of the Institute of Ethnology, Lviv
On obverse:
In German: Panorama der Landeshauptstadt Czernowitz (66.000 Einwohner). Verlag Gottlieb, vorm. Siegmund Jäger, Czernowitz. Nachdruck verboten. 10.2.1901.
On reverse:
In Ukrainian: Карта почтова

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