A View of the Part of the City Containing the Basilian Monastery

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A View of the Part of the City Containing the Basilian Monastery
Stefan Potocki owned Buchach in the seventeenth century; he significantly influenced the development of the city. In 1712, to provide corresponding education to Greek Catholic clergy, he brought Basilians from Lithuania and granted them many benefits. He also financed the construction of the monastery; in 1753 new buildings of the Basilian Monastery as well as the Church of the Protection of Our Lady (1764) were built at the expense of Kaniv’s elder Mikolaj Potocki, the son of S. Potocki. The image depicts a view of the Basilian Monastery from the city center. A street (modern Mickiewicz Street) leads to the monastery; the buildings of the District Authorities and District Court are on the right part of the street. The buildings of the post office and magistrate are on the left part of the street. District Authorities, the District Council and the District Court, as well as the post office and telegraph department were located in Buchach. The monastery was located on the slopes of Fedir Mountain. The central building of the complex is the Church of the True Cross, constructed according to the project by well-known architect Schilzer in the late Baroque style on the site of a cathedral disassembled in 1752-1761. According to the project by well-known architect Gottfried Hoffmann, the creator of the Pochaiv Lavra, two-story monastery premises were added to the church in 1761-1771. A bell tower built in 1849-1854 is located to the left of the monastery premises.
Nazar Kis
Post-Office, magistrate, Basilian Monastery, the building of district authorities, district court
90х140 mm
Library of the Institute of Ethnology, Lviv
On obverse:
In Polish: Poczta, Magistrat, Klasztor O.O.Bazylianów. Starostwo i Sąd pow.
In Ukrainian: Почта, магістрат, Мон. О.О.Васильн. Староство і суд пов.
In Polish: 16878 Dostać można u Jakóba Müllera w Buczaczu. – Przedruk wzbroniony.
On reverse:
In German: Correspondenz-Karte
In Polish: Karta korespondencyjna
In Ukrainian: Карта кореспонденційна

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