Sacre Coeur educational institution

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Sacre Coeur educational institution
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Square, public garden, buildings, architecture
K. Binder, Vienna
90x140 mm
Ihor Kotlobulatov

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ID: 01371
City: Lviv
Date: 1870-1880
Format: 10х13,8 сm
Creator: Josef Eder
Publisher: Publishing House "Centr Europy", Lviv
Copyright: Lviv Historical Museum
Subject: Casernes, Kurkowa Street, panorama, towers, Citadel
ID: 02023
City: Lviv
Date: 1914-1915
Format: 140х90 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Printing House of W.A.Szyjkowski, Lwow
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Street, architecture, buildings, church, monastery, wall
ID: 08157
City: Lviv
Date: 1953-1954
Format: 10x15 сm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Leonid Zapadenko
Subject: Monastery, courtyard, wall, inhabitants
ID: 02996
City: Lviv
Date: 1910
Format: 16х10 cm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Monastery, belfry, courtyard, cross
ID: 02562
City: Buchach
Date: 1923-1939
Format: 90х140 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Library of the Institute of Ethnology, Lviv
Subject: Church, Basilian gymnasium
ID: 02185
City: Lviv
Date: 1930-1939
Format: 14x9 cm
Creator: Leon Czechowicz
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Andriy Otko
Subject: Church, monastery, architecture, garden
ID: 02198
City: Lviv
Date: 1910-1914
Format: 15х10 cm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Juriy Zaverbnyj
Subject: Monastery, church, architecture
ID: 01040
City: Lviv
Date: 1964
Format: 23х17 сm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Mykhailo Tsimerman
Subject: Monastery, courtyard, sculpture, architecture
ID: 09036
City: Lviv
Date: 1977-1980
Format: 11х17 сm
Creator: Juriy Gaskevych
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Juriy Gaskevych
Subject: Street, architecture, fortification, wall, monastery, public garden
The complex of the convent belonging to the sisters of the Sacre Coeur (now an academic building of the Lviv Polytechnic National University) is an early example of the Neo-Classicist architecture in Lviv. According to the resolution number 130 dated 26 February 1980, the complex of the convent was entered into the register of local monuments under protection number 367.