Church of St. Mary Magdalene

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Church of St. Mary Magdalene

View of western and southern façades of the St. Mary Magdalene Church depicted before the church’s 1889 reconstruction, based on the project of architect Julian Zachariewicz. It was in the course of this reconstruction that the church’s towers received their present spires. The small original church was constructed in 1615-1630 by architects Jan Godny and Albert Kelar. The contours of this building can be seen in the altar part of today’s church, to which architect Marcin Urbanik appended the main three-nave body in 1753-1758. The view of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene as immortalized by the painter originates from 1784, when the church underwent another reconstruction. Sculptures by Sebastian Fesinger were placed on the building’s façade between towers with tent-shaped roofs. The main architectural accent was placed on the church’s main (western) façade – its clearly horizontally divided planes were decorated with pilasters in different orders: Doric in the first level, Ionic in the second, and Corinthian in the third. The smooth plane of the southern wall, with its clear rhythm of window apertures stands in contrast to the resplendent western façade.
Oleh Vvedenskyi

Josef Svoboda
Kornel Piller, Lemberg
1st half of the XIXth Century
13х16,5 сm
Oleh Vvedenskyi
Kościół Maryi Magdaleny

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St. Mary Magdalene Roman Catholic Church (presently the Organ Music Hall). The church was constructed on an elevation far from the Lviv center, in the district of the former southwestern suburb. The side façade faces Shashkevycha Square, while on the north a block of the former Dominican Monastery cells has been built onto the church. The church’s 300-year old construction chronology includes several periods: of 1609-1612 (construction of the western part of the church by the architect M. Hodny), 1630-1635, 1758 (adding a nave and the towers by the architect M. Urbanik), 1880 (stairway with a terrace), 1889 (domes over the towers by the architect J. Zachariewicz) and 1929 (cells reconstruction). The architecture of the church includes late Renaissance, Baroque and Revival features.