Monument to Ivan Fedorov

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Monument to Ivan Fedorov
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Monument. State Archive of the Lviv Region, Museum of Atheism, people on a guided tour
Jevhen Derlemenko
Publishing House "Mystectvo", Kyiv
10х20 cm
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In Ukrainian: Пам'ятник першодрукарю Івану Федорову. Скульптори В.Борисенко, В.Подольский. Архитектор А.Консулов 1977 р.
In Russian: Памятник первопечаталю Ивану Федорову. Скульпторы В.Борисенко, В.Подольский. Архитектор А.Консулов 1977 г.
In English: Monument to Ivan Fedorov, the first book printer

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The monument to the printing pioneer was established in 1977, primarily to emphasize the cultural ties between Moscow and Lviv. Today the area around the monument is known for the fact that used books and other, often rare, things are sold here.