Monument to Mickiewicz and Franko

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Monument to Mickiewicz and Franko
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Monument, Mitskevycha Square, buildings No. 8-9-10, Roman Catholic Cathedral, monument to Ivan Franko
Jevhen Derlemenko
Publishing House "Mystectvo", Kyiv
10x20 cm
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In Ukrainian: Львів. Пам'ятник Івану Франку. Скульптори Д.Крвавич, В.Борисенко, Е.Мисько, В.Одрехівський, Я.Чайка. Архітектор А.Шуляр. 1964 р. Пам'ятник Адаму Міцкевичу. Скульптори А.Попель, М.Паращук. 1905 р. Надсилати тільки в конверті. Ціна 5 коп.
In Russian: Львов. Памятник Ивану Франко. Скульпторы Д.Крвавич, В.Борисенко, Е.Мысько, В.Одрехивський, Я.Чайка. Архітектор А.Шуляр. 1964 г. Памятник Адаму Мицкевичу. Скульпторы А.Попель, М.Паращук. 1905 г.
In English: Lvov. Monument to Ivan Franko. Monument to Adam Mickiewicz
In Franch: Lvov. Monument á Ivan Franko. Monument á Adam Mickiewicz
In German: Lwow. Iwan-Franko-Denkmal. Adam-Mickiewicz-Denkmal

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City: Lviv
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Subject: Monument, Ivan Franko park, Ivan Franko University in Lviv
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Subject: Monument, Military exhibit

The monument to the national Polish poet was opened on 30 October 1904. Its construction was carried out from late 1903 under the supervision of Alfred Zachariewicz and Józef Sosnowski. The author of the project, who won an architectural competition, was Antoni Popiel, a famous sculptor. Earlier, there was a figure of the Virgin Mary on its place.