Virmenska Street

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Virmenska Street
street, building, people, children, sacral building
Unpublished resources
Volodymyr Rumyantsev

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ID: 00191
City: Lviv
Date: Post-War period, Communist Rule (1946-1990)
Format: Unknown
Creator: Julian Dorosh
Publisher: Halytska Brama, Lviv
Copyright: Andriy Dorosh
Subject: Car, Stusa Street, collector
ID: 08731
City: Lviv
Date: 1963
Format: 15х10 cm
Creator: Jaroslav Yanchak
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Jaroslav Janchak
Subject: Street, architecture, buildings, architectural elements, paving, people
ID: 08637
City: Lviv
Date: 1963
Format: 10x15 сm
Creator: Jaroslav Yanchak
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Jaroslav Janchak
Subject: Street, buildings, architecture, trading, people, tram line, paving
ID: 00328
City: Lviv
Date: 1860 - 1870
Format: 10х14 cm
Creator: Josef Eder
Publisher: Publishing House "Centr Europy", Lviv
Copyright: Lviv Historical Museum
Subject: View on former St. Anna Street, church and prison Brygidky
ID: 09733
City: Lviv
Date: 1950-1970
Format: Unknown
Creator: R. Yakymenko
Publisher: "Radianska Ukraina", Kyiv
Copyright: Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Subject: Street, building, monument, square
ID: 03139
City: Lviv
Date: 1970th
Format: 22х23 сm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Central State Kinofotofono Archive after G.S. Pshenychny
Subject: Zhovtneva Street, buildings, mural, tram tracks
ID: 01100
City: Lviv
Date: 1915-1917
Format: 90х140 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Dawid Grund, Lwow
Copyright: Taras Pinyazhko
Subject: Alley, buildings, railway station, horseman, people, gaslight
ID: 03885
City: Lviv
Date: 1978
Format: 12х17 cm
Creator: Andriy Drymalyk
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Andriy Drymalyk
Subject: New buildings, private buildings, road, trolleybus
ID: 07952
City: Lviv
Date: 1960-1965
Format: 10x15 cm
Creator: Illya Pavlyk
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Oleksandr Korobov
Subject: Streets, architecture, transport, flower clock,
The bell tower is an integral part of the Armenian Cathedral ensemble. It is built onto the former palace of the Armenian Archbishops. It bears stylistic features of the Renaissance and Baroque styles. The main construction dates are 1571 (the architect P. Krasowski), 1778 (reconstruction) and the beginning of the nineteenth century (completion of the upper part).