Lystopadovoho Chunu Street

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Lystopadovoho Chunu Street
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Mitskevycha Street, Monument to Smolka, transport
Sztuka, Kraków
90х140 mm
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
On obverse:
In Polish: Lwów. Ulica Mickiewicza i pomnik Smolki.
In German: Lemberg. Mickiewicz-Gasse u. Smolka-Monument.
On reverse:
Depose 1916. No.15
Wydawnictwo Sztuka Kraków

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A monument to Franciszek Smolka, a Polish politician and a resident of Lviv, was installed on the square by sculptor Tadeusz Błotnicki in 1913 and dismantled in 1946.

Former Shareholders Cooperative Bank (1911), located on the western side of the square. It was built for the Shareholders Cooperative Bank according to a 1910 design by the architect Alfred Zachariewicz in the Art Nouveau style with elements of Neoclassicism. Various state institutions were located here during the interwar period; now (2008) the building houses the Lviv Region Department of the Ministry for Internal Affairs.