Fountain in Mariiska Sq.

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Fountain in Mariiska Sq.

A photograph of a group of people by the fountain in Mickiewicz Sq. taken from the North-West side of the square. The background of the picture includes the Mickiewicz Monument, as well as (left to right) houses No. 10 and 11 (constructed in the mid-nineteenth century), as well as No. 15 on the corner of Halytska Sq. and Shevchenko Boulevard (constructed in 1874 by architect Philip Pokutyński). To the left is an old-fashioned electric lamp-post. Much like the Our Lady statue, which stood in this place between 1904 and the late 1940s, the fountain was always an attraction for people wishing to take memorial snapshots.

Fountain, Mickiewicz Sq., group of people, Mickiewicz Monument, lamp-post, Miczkiewicz Sq., buildings No. 10-11, No. 15 in Halytska Sq.
Unpublished resources
9х5,5 cm
Serhiy Tereshchenko

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ID: 01494
City: Lviv
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Copyright: There are no Known Restrictions on the Usage of this Image
Subject: Monument. State Archive of the Lviv Region, Museum of Atheism, people on a guided tour
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