View of the city

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View of the city
R. Yakymenko
"Radianska Ukraina", Kyiv
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Львів. Вид на місто

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ID: 01260
City: Lviv
Date: 1941-1944
Format: 100x150 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: "Ksiaznica-Atlas", Lwow
Copyright: Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Subject: Panorama, city, university, park
ID: 00876
City: Lviv
Date: 1949
Format: Unknown
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Central State Kinofotofono Archive after G.S. Pshenychny
Subject: Żółkiewskie/Zhovkivske suburb, B. Khmelnytskoho Street, city construction, industry, railway tracks
ID: 03718
City: Chernivtsi
Date: Interwar Years (1918-1939)
Format: 85x130 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Agentia Romana Hachette, Bucuresti
Copyright: Helmut Kusdat
Subject: Cernăuţi, Churches, Temple, Bishop's Residence
ID: 11267
City: Kyiv
Date: 1849
Format: Unknown
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: H.S. Pshenychnyi Central State Cinema, Photo and Phono Archvive of Ukraine
Subject: panorama
ID: 02528
City: Lviv
Date: 1894
Format: 17x23 cm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Publishing House "Centr Europy", Lviv
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Panorama, Zofijówka, Św. Zofji St., city construction, St. Sophia School, General Regional Exhibition of 1894
ID: 03904
City: Lviv
Date: 1978
Format: 12х18 cm
Creator: Andriy Drymalyk
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Andriy Drymalyk
Subject: Panorama, buildings, parks, towers, cemetery
ID: 00718
City: Vorokhta
Date: 1925
Format: 90x140 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Aba Heller, Nadworna
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: General view, mountains, village, road
ID: 03282
City: Lviv
Date: 1905-1910
Format: 90x140 mm
Creator: Teodozy Bahrynowicz
Publisher: Stefan Wierusz Niemojowski, Lwow
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Panorama, buildings, towers, city hall, cathedra, Tempel
ID: 08027
City: Kyiv
Date: 1950-1955
Format: 10x15 cm
Creator: Illya Pavlyk
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Oleksandr Korobov
Subject: Panorama, mountain, river, park, island, bridge, leisure