Ivan Franko Monument and University

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Ivan Franko Monument and University
Monument to Ivan Franko was built in 1964, it is located in the bottom part of the park Franko before University that also bears his name.
The memorial sign at the site of the future monument laid June 29, 1956 by a decision of the executive committee of Lviv Regional Council.
Monument, Ivan Franko park, Ivan Franko University in Lviv
R. Yakymenko
R. Yakymenko
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Львів. Державний університет ім. І. Я Франка.
Пам'ятник І. Я. Франкові. Скульптори В. Борисенко, Д. Крвавич, Е. Мисько, В. Одрехівський, Я Чайка. Архітектор А. Шуляр

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