Public, Popular, or Applied History: Practices and Roles of the Past in Society

By whom, for whom, and why is history written? What are the ways of engaging with the past? Academic history, though the most noble, is not the only format for building relationships with the past. This year, the Faculty of Humanities at the Ukrainian Catholic University launched a new master’s program - in public history. We are very pleased to be partners in this project.

As part of this program, Dr. Sofia Dyak will teach a course entitled "Public, Popular, or Applied History: Practices and Roles of the Past in Society." The main objective of the course is to analyze the different roles and practices associated with the past in society. The focus will be on the "public history" format, which is not only a way to popularize history and the past in modern societies, but also a forum for public involvement and a general critical discussion of the role and use of history in the present and the future. By discussing examples from different societies, countries, and periods, course participants will look at the opportunities and challenges for public history in Ukraine as well as what it means "to be a historian" in different societies.

As part of the public history program, in the fall semester of the 2014/15 academic year two other courses will be offered: Dr. Vasyl Rasevych’s course "Public History and Media" and our colleague Dr. Oksana Dudko’s course "The First World War: Between Historiography and Anniversaries."