The "Art-Kliuch" Informative Educational Art Program

During March-June 2009, on the initiative of entrepreneurs of Lviv, the "Dzyga" Gallery and the Center for Sacral Art of the Ukrainian Catholic University implemented a long-term program titled "Opening the World of Art" for the public of the city (businessmen, politicians, officials and intelligentsia). In the framework of a number of educational lectures developed by the organizers that mostly related to international urban culture and architecture, Bohdan Shumylovych, an art critic and in-house scholar of the Center for Urban History, gave several lectures.

The first cycle included the following thematic meetings at the Center for Urban History:

  • "The Birth of Art: A History of Beginnings" (25 March 2009);
  • "Art: The History of the Term" (22 April 2009);
  • "Psycho-Physiological Laws of the Visual Perception of Art" (20 May 2009).