The Urban Experience in (East) Central Europe in the Twentieth Century: Modernity, Transformation, Catastrophe and Re-Making

The Course offers an introduction to some key themes in Twentieth Century Urban History in (East) Central Europe through a small number of cases and texts. Both terms, Urban History and East Central Europe, are interpreted deliberately widely, with texts on cities as diverse and geographically far apart as Vilnius, Magnitogorsk, and Salonica, while Urban History will refer to approaches from social, cultural, and politcial history.


  • Imperial World Orders, Borderlands and Cities: Shared and Contested
  • Cities, Empires and Modern Times: Urbanization, Nations, and Nationalism
  • Modernity’s War, Revolutionary Modernities? War, Revolutions, and the City
  • After the "Great War": Peace, Nationalism Triumphant, A Socialist New Urban Order?
  • World War Two: Catastrophic Transformation
  • The Long Postwar