Summer Schools

The Center for Urban History hosts and organizes academic events during the summer period

For many years now, the Center has been organizing summer schools in various urban studies-related themes, for advanced students, PhD students, and young researchers from Ukraine. These programs involve lecturers from some of the leading universities and academic centers. Thematic summer schools increase familiarity with the newest subjects, approaches and most current research in the history of East Central Europe in general, and the region’s cities in particular. These programs also help form a community of young Ukrainian researchers united by common academic interests. The summer schools’ curricula include not only lectures, seminars, discussions and consultations with senior researchers, but also visits to museums, exhibitions, film screenings, and trips to historic sites connected to the multicultural heritage of Ukraine. By holding summer schools, the Center strives to encourage the younger generation to participate in similar projects in Ukraine and abroad, and thus become part of the international academic community.