Zoryana Slyusarchuk

Coordinator for maintenance and technical servicing of Center's building, coordination of renovation and restoration work.

She is a graduate of Lviv Polytechnic National University, specialty in Architecture, Department of Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Objects (2009). She studied at Lviv High School of Management (2004).

From 2001 to 2011 she was an active participant in various social organizations: Girl's Club "Yunka," Academy of Ukrainian Youth, DUHA (Prague). She organized the international projects "Gender EqualAbility," "Street pARTy," and "EVS [European Voluntary Service] networks?!" She coordinated volunteer programs and participated in various international projects, conferences, training programs, youth exchange, inter-cultural summer camps, including the European Volunteer Service, program of the European Commission "Youth in Action," DUHA, Prague, 2006-2007, the British Council's program "Intercultural Navigators" (2009-2010). Zoryana also had an internship at the London organization Cultural Co-operation" (March 2010).

Contact: z.slyusarchuk@lvivcenter.org

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