Oleksandr Dmytriyev

System administrator, an expert in configuring electronic devices and systems.The scope of his responsibilities include all of the Center’s technical processes, computer and network systems, equipment maintenance, and timely software updates, technical support for multimedia exhibition projects, which use the latest audio-visual equipment, as well as for lectures and discussion panels in the Center’s conference room, which use interactive presentations and web connections.

Oleksandr has 10 years of experience working with technical processes and engineering. He provided technical support to businesses, where he practiced engineering and service maintenance, installed and configured operating systems, maintained databases, domains, and sites, and programmed.

He is a specialist in automated systems of control and an engineer-analyst of computer systems, the qualification of which he obtained at the Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Contact: o.dmytriiev@lvivcenter.org

[Curriculum Vitae]