Dr. Iryna Matsevko

Historian, holds a Ph.D. in History. Graduated from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. In 2001, she defended the dissertation on the reception of Neo-Slavism in the intellectual and political milieu of Galicia in the early 20th century. In 2001-2007, she taught the history of East Central Europe and intellectual history at the Department of the History of Slavonic countries (later the Department of Central and Eastern Europe), Faculty of History, Lviv University. Grantee of the German Historical Institute in Warsaw (2007) as well as of the program of the Polish Government for young researchers, offering a one-year scholarly stay at the Institute of History at Warsaw University (2007-2008).

Supervisor of academic events and public history projects at the Center for Urban History. She is responsible for promoting contacts and cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign academic, cultural and public institutions, as well as for organizing and conducting international conferences and workshops. She coordinates the Center’s grant programs and is Director of the summer school of Jewish history and multicultural heritage of Central and Eastern Europe (2010-2016). Her activities are aimed at public history formats, including co/organizing and conducting series of public lectures and discussions, as well as at the Center’s exhibition projects and projects on managing and commemorating sites of Lviv’s multicultural heritage.

Academic interests: social and cultural history of Soviet Russia and Ukraine, urban history and heritage. She is particularly focused in public history and various formats of doing history in the ways in which the past is presented to the public.

Contact: i.matsevko@lvivcenter.org

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