Herbert Pasterk

Works on restoration and repair work in the Center’s office and building. He also works on the designs of the space. He is involved in the Center’s projects and offers consulting and design ideas.

In 1980-1982 he studied Ecology and Garden Architecture in Vienna (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien/University of Natural Resources and Applied Life). He has a Diploma from the Academy for Engineering Vienna (1990-1993). Has extensive experience in Studio Film Production Management (was involved in creating commercials for such brands as Lacoste, Triumpf International, Kotanyi, and Mazda). Worked for Schretter & Rausch Advertising Agency Vienna. He implemented a number of freelance projects in Munich for such architects as Eichenauer, v. Winning and Streichert. Was employed by Pro Publishing in Munich for 7 years doing design work and project management. Currently is working in his own office on developing ideas, forming, design, and visualisation.