Ashley Bigham

Fulbright Fellow 2013-2014 and graduate of Yale University with a master's degree in architecture. She also holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Tennessee. Her professional experience includes teaching at Yale University and the University of Tennessee.

Her research interests include defense architecture, globalization, theory of modern preservation and sites of memory and their immortalization.

At the Center for Urban History in spring 2014 she taught the course "Cultural Fortresses: Reconsidering Preservation and Memorial Architecture" for senior students of Lviv’s universities. During her time as a guest at the Center for Urban History, she researched castles and fortresses in what is now western Ukraine and the globalization theory of defense architecture. Her public lecture "Architectural Territories: Medieval Strategy in the Context of Globalization" about her research took place at the Center in October 2014.


Selected publications:

  • Bigham, A. "The Generic Void," CLOG: World Trade Center, 2014 (forthcoming).
  • Bigham, A. and Erik Herrmann. "Maps of Miami’s Networks," CLOG: MIAMI, 2014.
  • Bigham, A. "Bigham’s Ham Company,"Retrospecta 2011-2012: Yale School of Architecture, pg. 167.
  • Bigham, A and Erik Herrmann. "Air Range, Air Fields,"Retrospecta 2011-2012: Yale School of Architecture, pg. 174.