Description Principles

The project "Survey of Synagogues in Galicia (Ukraine)" is a database of 35 synagogues, and other ritual buildings of Jewish communities, extant in Eastern Galicia. The list of objects is organized by oblast: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Ternopil.

Object documentation consists of photographing the buildings and making measured drawings supplemented by a schematic site plan of the synagogue's location in urban space and in the context of the Jewish area.

The photographs record the objects’ exterior and interior. Photographs are organized by cardinal points. The exterior views show the object’s location in the townscape, its facades seen from the cardinal points, with particular attention paid to entrances, windows, roof, and reconstructed elements. The interior views record the layout featuring a ritual building, current condition and the building's purpose, as well as visible reconstructions.

The final group of photos shows elements and details of architectural decoration, such as corbels, pilasters, cornices etc. This photographic record offers an opportunity to see the features of composition and architectural design of each object, as well as their reconstructions and extensions. The most representative photos, depicting the buildings' specific features and transformations, are posted on the web-site. Each object is documented by 15 to 40 photos. The complete database of photofixations is stored at the collection of the Center for Urban History.

Graphical documentation was made according to standards of the architectural measured drawings, that is, angles that seem to the researcher as right are drafted as right; line segments that appear straight are drafted as such, etc. Standard 20 m long measuring tapes were used for measurements. Measured drawings (ground plans, cross-sections, facades, architectural details) were drafted in computer programs creating a vector database, and which are compatible with the formats dwg and dxf. Each drawing, regardless of the program in which it was created, was also translated into a wider known dwg format of AutoCAD 2007™. From each drawing there was printed out a portable file in digital format (pdf) for paper size not exceeding А0. Drawings in digital format (pdf) are available on the website.

With the help of the technological possibilities of Google© Maps the geographical position of each object on a contemporary map is presented on the website.