Historical Cultures in Transition: Negotiating Memory, History and Identity in the Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe

Collaborative research project

Involved team from the Center:
Dr. Sofia Dyak
Dr. Natalia Otrishchenko
Dr. Vasyl Rasevych
Dr. Iryna Sklokina

The research will focus on transformations that the historical cultures of Poland and Ukraine have been undergoing since 2000. Project aims to examine the scope of participation in what we might call "everyday functioning of history", the structure, content and inner mechanisms, which operate in the fields of historical production and cultural heritage. It is also exploring how politics in these countries use images of the past for gaining public support and legitimizing or delegitimizing political order. Finally, it is discussing the differences and similarities between historical cultures of Poland and Ukraine in a broader comparative context of East Central Europe. To answer these complicated questions, we will conduct sociological surveys, focus group discussions, expert interviews, analyze mass media, online platforms, as well as public and scholarly discourses. 

Project is organized within the frame of OPUS contest of the Polish National Center of Science (UMO-2016/21/B/HS3/03415). It is conducted by Collegium Civitas in cooperation with the Institute of Political Studies Polish Academy of Science. The head of the project: dr hab. Tomasz Stryjek, prof. ISP PAN. Implementation period - 2017-2020 years. More information about this research could be found here - http://www.historical-cultures.eu/

Related publications:

Report based on sociological surveys conducted in Poland and Ukraine in 2018:




Wydarzenia – Ludzie – Historia. Raport z badań sondażowych o pamięci współczesnych Polaków i Ukraińców/ Joanna Konieczna-Sałamatin, Tomasz Stryjek, Natalia Otrishchenko. – Warszawa: Collegium Civitas, 2018. – 102 s. (ISBN: 978-83-61067-82-5)

Image: Opening of the photo exhibition by Tadeusz Rolke "Tomorrow Will Be Better," Eugene Chervonyi, 2016.