Public Formats


2 July 2019 - 17 November 2019 Phototecture of Modernism
14 August 2017 - 29 November 2017 Sykhiv: Extentions



26 November 2019 Our Not Our Heritage Discussion on the Distance to Soviet in the Modern Academic and Public Discourse
6 November 2019 Appropriation of Modernism Talk on the Contemporary Interpretations of Modernism in Architecture and Design
15 October 2019 Architecture (a)political Talk at the "Phototecture of Modernism" Exhibition on Soviet and Modern Discussions Around
21 June 2018 Modernism in Lviv Presentation of the Map and a Talk on Modernism Architecture of Interwar Lviv
20 August 2017 Community and Architecture Discussion on the Aesthetics of Modernist Districts
12 October 2016 Functionalism and Constructivism Yulia Bohdanova and Yevhenia Hubkina On Modernism Architecture in Lviv and Kharkiv


24 September 2019 Architecture on Paper Presentation of the Digitized Archives of Anatoliy and a Talk About Dealing with the Architects’ Legacy
1 July 2019 Soviet Modernism Presentation of the Book on Soviet Architecture in Ukraine 1955-1991
18 October 2018 Architecture and Community Oleksiy Bykov on Architecture, Photography and the 11th Issue of the Photography Magazine 5.6
20 September 2018 Who Changes Sykhiv? Talk on the Multiple Roles of Researchers, Activists, Decision-Makers, and Citizens
12 July 2018 Return to Sykhiv Presentation of the Essays on Sykhiv by Participants of the Urban Summer School
21 June 2018 Modernism in Lviv Presentation of the Map and a Talk on Modernism Architecture of Interwar Lviv
30 May 2018 Book Arsenal in Kyiv Presentations of the Recent Publications on History of Donbass and Essays about Sykhiv


10 September 2017 Old City - Young City Film Screenings, Show of Photographs, Movie Chronicles and Video Art about the Industrial Heritage of the City

City Walks

23 June 2018 Lviv Modernism City Walk Along the Lviv Modernism of the Interwar Period
9 September 2017 Sykhiv Walk City Walk on the Topic of the Pubic Space of Sykhiv Disctict

Educational Programs

14 August 2017 Sykhiv: Like and Share Participatory Urban Summer Camp for the Youngest Inhabitants of Sykhiv
9 June 2016 Urban Workshop 2016 Children In the City, On the City, About the City: Educational Program for Children and Teenagers