Academic Activities


19 October 2018 Phototecture of Modernism Workshop on Architectural Photography Focused on Soviet Modernism in Lviv
27 August 2017 The Ins and Outs of Socialism International Conference on the Past and Present of the Second World Cities
20 June 2017 Working with Waste Seminar on Repurposing the Military Industrial Leftovers in a Post-Soviet City
26 June 2016 ASEEES Center's Panels at the Congress of Association for Slavic, East European, Eurasian Studies


29 October 2019 Good and Bad Concrete Urban Seminar on Post- Socialist Urban Development in Poland
23 July 2019 Residential Architecture Urban Seminar by Kateryna Malaia on Constructing Residential Architecture in the Late Soviet Union
4 December 2018 Late Socialist Morality Urban Seminar with Andrei Tcacenco on Communist Morality of Late Socialism in the Soviet Union
16 May 2018 European Peripheral Cityscapes Natalia Mysak on Mass Housing in Ukrainian and in Swedish contexts
20 June 2017 Working with Waste Seminar on Repurposing the Military Industrial Leftovers in a Post-Soviet City
4 November 2014 Atomograds of Ukraine An Urban Seminar on Satellite Cities of Nuclear Power Plants as a Phenomenon in the history of the Soviet Urban Planning
25 June 2013 Cinema and the City An "Urban Ukraine" Seminar on A Visual Construct of the Socialist City in Soviet Film of the 1930-50s


24 July 2019 How to Perceive and Recognize Lecture on Soviet Modernist Architecture in Kazakhstan and its Preservation
7 February 2019 Modernist Peripheries Lecture by Natalia Mysak on the Mass Housing Areas as a Part of CANactions Public Program
17 November 2018 City and the Document Lecture by Sofia Dyak on the History of the First Postwar Master Plan of Lviv
15 February 2018 Expecting (from) Architecture Lecture by Vladimir Shlapeta on the architecture of Modernism in Czechoslovakia in 1918-1939
22 August 2017 Return to the Center? Lecture by Florian Urban on a Status Value of Living in the City Center in the Post-Industrial City
18 August 2017 Green Zones Lecture by Daria Bocharnikova on the Idea of Landscaping the City in Soviet Architecture
17 August 2017 Religious Spaces of Sykhiv Vlad Naumescu on the Role of Religion in a Collective Memory and an Urban Landscape of Sykhiv
15 August 2017 Community and Architecture Lecture by Izabella Pastuszko on Construction of New Districts and Creating a Community
14 August 2017 Dynamic Sykhiv Lecture by Natalia Mysak on Dynamics of the Largest Centrally Planned Neighbourhood of Lviv