Academic Activities


7 March 2019 Movements Across Borders International Workshop on Postwar Migrations and Experiences of Borderland People
26 June 2016 ASEEES Center's Panels at the Congress of Association for Slavic, East European, Eurasian Studies
23 June 2016 Experience of the Great War International Workshop: Urban Experiences of the Great War in Eastern Europe


26 May 2017 Memory and Oblivion Urban Seminar on Commemorating Practices for the Perished Soldiers in Soviet Ukraine Overcoming Negative Stereotypes of the Donbas Mono Cities-->
3 April 2017 Sovietization and Polish Jews Urban Seminar on Polish Jewish Responses to the New Soviet Order in 1939
28 February 2017 Borderlands Outcasts Urban Semina by Kamil Ruszała on Refugees From Galicia During the First World War
31 January 2017 Lviv Students Urban Seminar on Inter-Ethnic and Inter-Religious Relations Among Students in Lviv in 1918-39
25 October 2016 Jelenia Góra and Drohobych Michał Młynarz on Demographic and Cultural Re-Configuration of Urban Space After 1945
25 May 2016 The Women of Lviv and the Great War Urban Seminar by Maryana Baydak on gender space of Lviv during the Great War
10 April 2015 Soviet Justice Franziska Exeler on the Postwar Litigation Processes in the Soviet Union and International Law
29 January 2015 City of Schools? Ew a Nizinsk a’s Research on Sambir f rom the Perspective of Witnesses of the Past
16 April 2014 Return to Kyiv "Urban Ukraine" Seminar on the Postwar Adaptation of Former Ostarbeiters and Soviet Prisoners of War in Kyiv
24 September 2013 Cadaver Affair in Lviv Presentation by Prof. Natalia Aleksiun on a Little-Known Episode from the History of Polish-Jewish Relations in Lviv
13 February 2013 Seminar Series "Urban Ukraine" Taras Martynenko Speaks on the Survival Tactics of Lviv Residents During World War II
29 October 2012 Research Presentation The Birth of Soviet Lviv. The Life of the Sovietized City, 1944-1949


12 March 2019 Jews and their Neighbours in Krakowiec Bernard Wasserstein on Jews in Krakowiec during the Second World War
6 March 2019 Wisła Operation Lecture by Grzegorz Motyka on Deportations of Ukrainian Population and Counter-insurgency Operations in 1947
25 February 2019 Lecture in Luxembourg Olena Betlii and Taras Nazaruk on General Context of the Great War on the Eastern Front
7 December 2018 The Great War in Luxembourg Lecture by Sandra Camarda on Engaging Audiences Through Public History Digital Projects
22 November 2018 Lviv Jews on 1918 Lecture by Natalia Aleksiun on 1918 in the Biographies of Lviv Jews
15 November 2018 The Fight for City Lecture by Jagoda Wierzejska on the Myth of "Defense" of Lviv in the Interwar Poland
8 November 2018 (Un)Official Memory Lecture by Iryna Sklokina on the Сulture of Memory on the Holocaust in the USSR
24 October 2018 Woman’s War Experience Lecture by Maryana Baydak on Everyday Practices of Women in Lviv in November, 1918
3 October 2018 Lviv under Occupation Lecture by Taras Martynenko on City Residents' Everyday Practices, 1941-1944
28 August 2018 The Second Great War Lecture by Jay Winter on a Bifurcated Interpretation of the History of the Great War
25 July 2018 Wars That Ended the War Lecture by Oksana Dudko on Violence and Armed Conflicts on the "Eastern Front", 1917–1923
2 July 2018 (Un)Survived in the Holocaust Lecture by Adam Redzik on the Family History of Prof. Maurycy Allerhand and the Holocaust
22 May 2018 Living Trauma The lecture on the link between trauma and cultural memory on individual and collective levels
6 March 2018 Between the Wires Lecture by Waitman Beorn on the Janowska Camp and the Holocaust in Lviv
19 October 2017 Who Whom? Lecture by John-Paul Himka on Identifying Perpetrators and Victims During the 2nd World War
28 September 2017 On the Outskirts of Genocide Presentation of the project and new information on the life of Roma in Lviv during the WW2
21 September 2017 Babi Yar Lecture by Dr. Karel Berkhoff on the History of a Crime, Contested Memories and Ways of Commemoration
16 May 2017 Book Smugglers Lecture by David Fishman on How Books Were Rescued From the Vilnius Ghetto
13 October 2016 Soviet West Lecture by Iryna Sklokina on Post-War Sovietization of Western Ukraine
2 August 2016 Rachel Auerbach Lecture by Karolina Szymaniak on Female Public Intellectuals in the Interwar Yiddish Culture
1 August 2016 Holocaust in My City Lecture by Iryna Starovoyt on the Traumatic Past and Mamory about 1941-43
28 July 2016 After Inevitable Lecture by Danylo Ilnytskyi and Viktor Martyniuk about the Literary Lviv (±1939)
26 July 2016 A Tour Backstage Lecture by Mayhill Fowler on Ukrainian, Jewish, and Soviet Theater in the 1920s and 1930s
20 July 2016 Lviv in Summer 1941 Lecture by Kai Struve on Ukrainian-Jewish Relations and Events in Lviv on July 1941
19 July 2016 Occupation Inside? Lecture by Jan Tomasz Gross on Sovietization of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus in 1939 - 41
14 July 2016 The City in Wartime Lecture by Christoph Mick on the Occupation of Lviv in 1939-1945 and Contested Collective Memory
12 July 2016 Lviv Multicultural, Or Is It? Lecture by Katarzyna Kotynska on Seeing "Otherness" in the Inter-War Lviv Literature
24 June 2016 Geography of the Great War Lecture by Dr Pierre Purseigle on the Urban Geography of the First World War
24 June 2016 Masculinity/Femininity and War Lecture by Katarzyna Sierakowska on East-Central Europe During the Great War – New Approaches and Fields of Research
23 June 2016 Russia and the Great War Lecture by Eric Lohr on the Revolutions of 1917 as Inflection Points of Demobilization
23 June 2016 Great War and Ukraine Lecture by Serhy Yekelchyk on the Ukrainian Revolution and the First World War