Research Projects

The Center initiates and supports projects connected with the history of Lviv and of cities in East Central Europe.

The Center focuses its research on themes connected with the past, with the communities, and with the culture of cities in East Central Europe, including their spatial characteristics, socio-cultural transformations and everyday practices. The Center for Urban History's projects focus on the history of Lviv, but also include the history of other cities and towns of the region in order to bring a comparative perspective to the research.

We devote particular attention to themes that are still rarely explored in scholarly circles. Because we focus in general on the 19th and 20th centuries, we encourage all aspects and approaches to the city as a constructed whole and a cultural phenomenon. At the same time, we pursue our projects thanks to the inclusion of researchers from various disciplines: history, sociology, architectural history, art history, geography, and ethnography.

The results of completed projects, and those still in progress, are presented here on this page.

We would particularly like to highlight research realized through our web-based project, "Lviv Interactive." These projects include research into particular districts in the city (such as Sykhiv, Kastelivka, or Pidzamche) or particular types of urban construction (such as streets or monuments).

The project "Oral History" focuses on the collection of oral testimonies of Lviv's inhabitants about their life in the city. These testimonies allow us to trace changes experienced in particular streets and particular regions of Lviv.

For questions or proposals, please contact the Center's academic coordinator, Dr. Iryna Matsevko at