Photographs in Fund Collections of Lviv Archives, Museums and Libraries

In the framework of the "Lviv and Its Inhabitants" exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the first photographs of Lviv as well as within the context of the "Kolo Lvova" project, a round table discussion on the topic "Photographs in Fund Collections of Lviv Archives, Museums and Libraries" took place on September 12, 2008 at the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe.

The meeting participants gave their reports on the quantitative situation and development of the collections of branches and photograph funds kept in Lviv museums and scientific libraries of the city. A method of historic-objective expertise of photographs was presented at the meeting. The collection of visual Leopolitana in the electronic archive of the "Center of Europe" printing house was described.

Kolo’s discussion aimed to draw attention to preserving, studying, scientific developing and publishing photographs from fund collections of Lviv archives, museums and libraries.

International experience of creating photographic picture catalogues and methods of scientific description and placing visual materials in printed editions and web resources were presented at the meeting.

The effectiveness of the method of historic-objective photograph expertise to identify and date military pictures was clearly proved through the method’s visual presentation, which became an important part of the meeting.

During the meeting, creation of a working group to develop a joint basis for the catalogue of Lviv photographs was agreed upon.