Roundtable on the Problem about the Future of the Old Tram Depot

The first round table "What do we want to see in place of the old Tram Depot?" took place on December 6, 2007 at the Center for Urban History. The round table was about the future of the old Tram Depot, located between Acad. Sakharov Street and Vitovskyy Street. We chose to discuss the question of the old Tram Depot between Acad. Sakharov Street and Vitovskyy Street since it has been on the agenda for at least two decades, and because the potential of this territory for Lviv is enormous.

The Old Tram Depot is a nice place, an exciting story, a chance for an interesting adaptation of an old industrial building. Even more so, this successful adaptation, with an entire conception behind it, has all the chances to become a top project adding to the image in the Lviv of today. And it might well become a symbol of the city.

Presentation materials in pdf are available here (in Ukrainian)