Cultural Strategy of Lviv

On February 22-23, 2008 the Center hosted a round table on a "Cultural Strategy for Lviv", organized by the Lviv NGO Center for Cultural Management. Issues discussed included Lviv in a cultural environment, priorities of the city's development, what the experience of other cities can contribute to Lviv's future, or the making and use of small-scale, local as well "global" cultural resources.

Among the participants there were the Lviv vice mayor Vasyl Kosiv, Philipp Dietachmair from the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), Viera Michalicova, Cultural Policy project coordinator (Žilina, Slovakia), and Ihor Savchak from the Center for Cultural Management in Lviv as well as representatives of the public and the city administration.

From the Center for Urban History Tarik Cyril Amar (Academic Director), Tetyana Karpyuk (Academic Coordinator), Sofiya Dyak (Project manager) and Serhiy Tereshchenko (Project Manager) also took part in the event. After a first day of meetings at the Kornyakt Palace (Ploshcha Rynok 6), the discussion continued at the Center for Urban History (Vulytsia Bohomoltsia 6) by working out conclusions and proposals.