In March and April 2014 the Center for Urban History hosted three meetings as part of the initiative VeloTable.

VeloTable united community activists and representatives of cycling businesses, officials, and all interested people to learn about the current situation of cycling in Lviv and to help improve the city’s mobility.

At the first meeting, participants of VeloTable reviewed the City Council’s plans to expand the cycling infrastructure in Lviv, new approaches in the development of sustainable mobility in successful cities in the West, and ongoing efforts and achievements of the cycling environment in Lviv. The need for the establishment of a cycling advocacy NGO was stressed.

Participants at the second VeloTable looked at specific areas of work of the NGO. Key issues for discussion were overseeing the development of the urban bicycle infrastructure, cooperation with businesses, activities of the VeloPatrol and preventing bicycle thefts. The participants also explored ways to popularize cycling as an affordable mode of eco-transport, to train Lvivians to cycle, to create a convenient system of bicycle rental, and to become familiar with changes to traffic rules and state building norms. The persons responsible for each area of ​​work were chosen at the meeting.

At the third and final VeloTable meeting, cyclists from Lviv and Kyiv shared their experiences. A representative of the Kyiv Cyclists’ Association, Iryna Bondarenko, spoke about the association’s work. The participants of the meeting discussed the activity of the association: promotional campaigns, training Kyivans to cycle, the impact of legislative changes on cycling, and working with businesses and grants, as well as the association’s achievements.

At all three meetings, participants of VeloTable stressed that the main goals of developing the cycling culture in Lviv are above all to improve the quality of life and the level of civic culture in the city, to strengthen the citizens’ role in determining their city’s future, and to create a successful city.