Mercury in Lviv

On March 15, 2013 the Center for Urban History hosted a presentation by Tomasz Kuba Kozłowski entitled "Mercury in Lviv. On Lviv Trade-Fairs, Exhibitions, Shops, Artisans, and Entrepreneurs."

Bozhemskyi Cameras, Zalevskyi Chocolate, Vronskyi Furriers, Nyevchyk Tools, Khudzikovskyi Safes, Rosentsvaig Chests, Mikolyash Pharmaceuticals, Levytskyi Porcelain, Bushek Silver. Tomasz Kuba Kozłowski of Warsaw’s History Meeting House will tell the story of Lviv trade and commerce, of fairs held near St. George’s Cathedral and on the Market Square, of the "Wystawa Krajowa" (the Regional Exhibit) and the "Targi Wschodnie" (the Eastern Fair), of notable entrepreneurs, and of stylish salons like the fantastic "Benignina" and the aforementioned "Mercury". The multimedia presentation featured original artwork as well as archival material and the work of Lviv artisans from the extensive collection of the residents of the town of Kresy, a process of collection with which the presenter has been involved for more than a quarter century. Those attending also had an opportunity to view the album "Świat Kresów" (The World of Kresy). The book is co-authored by Tomasz Kuba Kozłowski and Danuta- Błachut Biegańska contains dozens of reproductions of the work of Lviv artisans.

Tomasz Kuba Kozłowski is a researcher at Warsaw’s independent cultural institute, the History Meeting House, which documents the 20th century history of Poland and East Central Europe. Since 2009 he has served as the coordinator of the "Warsaw Kresy Initiative" which is aimed at promoting a comprehensive dissemination of research of the historical and cultural heritage of the eastern sector of the First and Second Polish Republics, as it reflects the common heritage of Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine. The initiative will consist of presentations, discussions, book promotions, author readings, film screenings, lectures for adults, and workshops for children, as well as shows and exhibits.

Tomasz Kuba Kozłowski has authored more than seventy multimedia presentations in the "Kresy Stories" ("Opowieści z Kresów") cycle which have run at the History Meeting House and, since 2007, he has conducted a series of historical exhibitions, in particular the "World of Kresy" exhibition), and is the author of articles dealing with the problems of migration and refugees, Kresy legacy, including a "World of Kresy" calendar (Warsaw, 2009), and photo album (Warsaw, 2011, 2012).

Since the early 1990s, Tomasz Kuba Kozłowski has been collecting what is now the largest privately-held collection – more than 30,00 objects – of Kresy-related artifacts. Among the collection are countless books and publications from the period, as well as postcards and propaganda flyers, print advertisements, promotions, announcements, tickets, bookplates, product labels, obituaries, invitations, promissory notes, maps and cartographical materials, archival records, diplomas, certificates, manuscripts, correspondence, and photographs and albums, ethnographical materials, photographic business cards, picture post-cards, engravings, and illustrations, medals, decorations, and awards, and antique ceramics, porcelain, glasswork, advertisements, packaging, equipment, devices and tools, sacred objects, paintings, furniture and common household items, and souvenirs.